Spring Ceremony weekends
Election season is in full swing, but the start of ceremony weekend season is right around the corner! Please download the registration form and sign up! Our camps need your help to get ready for another summer of scout camping.

Brotherhood Membership Info
Are you a new Ordeal member and have questions about becoming Brotherhood? Are you an old Ordeal member and were always afraid to ask what was needed of you to become a Brotherhood member? Have questions were you too afraid to ask? Look no further! Our new Brotherhood Member Info page is live, with tons of information and answer to the questions you have? With links to OA Jumpstart and some local information, everything you need to begin your trail to Brotherhood starts here! Hope to see you all seal the bonds of Brotherhood at the Spring weekends!

2014 Annual Dues
Lodge members can now pay their dues online! Click here to pay online, or go to the council website and click on Online Trading Post. The Lodge is now collecting dues for 2014. Unit rosters are going out with recharter packets, but you can download the 2014 Dues letter to submit them directly to the Albany Service Center, or pay at any Lodge event.

Lodge Leadership
Kittan Lodge is lead by five youth and advised by six adults. Our Lodge is lead by Chief Tim P., Vice Chief of Administration Sean M., Vice Chief of Program Chase H., Treasurer Josh V., and Secretary Jonah S. The Lodge Adviser is Harrison Francett, with Patrick Andrews, Steve Azzaro, Harold Nicholson, Mike Shaver, and Anthony Richard serving as Associate Lodge Advisers. Julie VanAmburgh serves as the Staff Adviser.